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Could It Happen Here- on our streets?

  In an earlier post, it was reported that the school district does not allow a group from outside of the premises to pass out any literature that may be considered religious in nature. In various cities throughout the country, many individuals are allowed to pass out religious materials at certain times, and in other cities, certain restrictions apply. What about here in Louisville? Are there any laws that regulate the distribution of religious material?

  Many individuals in Southwest Jefferson County are familiar with the man dubbed the “sidewalk pastor”. He is a man that used to show up on the corner of Dixie Highway and St. Andrew’s CHurch Road and scream in a megaphone about heaven, hell, and the like. Currently he can be found even further south on Dixie Highway with a sign that reads “Heaven or hell? It’s your choice.” Though this may be a distraction to the drivers and pedestrians that pass by, is it illegal to  preach a message in this manner.

  After writing an email to Bill Patteson, the spokesman for the Jefferson County Attorney’s office, the question was answered with a direct “no”. There are no laws that prohibit the distribution of religious materials in public venues and areas. The only reason why an individual would get into trouble by passing out religious literature is if the party was engaged in violating other laws while doing so.

June 4, 2009 - Posted by | Series Issue

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