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Budget Brings Big Buzz

  Mayor Jerry Abramson will be officially presenting his budget to Louisville Metro Council and the public today at four p.m., and already the budget has brought about much discussion.

  In a headline story, Dan Klepal of the Courier-Journal reported of 119 metro government employees and major cuts in funding to various projects, without the elimination of  services to the citizens fo Louisville. This budget, and all the monies allocated tot he various departments will be outlined tonight. The Council has set the schedule for hearings for reviewing the mayor’s proposed budget,. Those hearings will begin on June 2.

  Both Caucus’ of the Council has expressed concern regarding the termination of employment of the metro employees, but they will be offering differing concerns. “The Democratic members of the budget committee will be asking how those determinations were made.”, states Tony Hyatt, Communications Director of the Majority Caucus.

  “We understand how hard a layoff hits families. We will review the Mayor’s recommendations and will work to ensure that any person displaced from a Metro Government job has the chance to return should another job open.” states Kelly Downard (Rep- 16th Dist).

  The priorities between the two caucus’ are different as well, and that may become a factor in the hearings as the Democrats are “glad this is the final year of allocations to complete Metro Safe”, and are “glad the new Newburg Library will be completed.” The Republicans have listed their priorities as “

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