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Could It Happen Here… In Our Schools?

In earlier posts there has been issued the question of whether or not the public outcry which erupted out of Frisco, Texas over the distribution of Bibles from the Gideons International organization could occur here. If various residents, residential groups, or businesses distributed religious material in various places owned by, and paid for with public taxes, attempted to pass out literature that was religious in nature, would their be an outcry? What exactly does the law allow regarding the distribution of religious material?


  In Frisco, the Gideons International was allowed by the school system to enter into the various schools and distribute the pocket sized New Testament Bibles to any student that desired one. The school system provided many statements that confirmed that the intent was to assist in curbing the proselytizing that was occurring in school hours. The students never seemed to mind the organization passing out the Bibles, but the parents did.


  Here in Jefferson County Public Schools, the attitude toward organizations passing out religious literature is to keep them out of the schools. When asked  what regulations, if any, existed regarding the distribution of religious materials and literature existed within JCPS, the Public Information Officer, Lauren Roberts wrote “We do not allow representatives of outside organizations of any kind to distribute materials to our students on school property. “


  This has not always been the case with the school district, however. In the late 1980’s, famed champion boxer, Muhammad Ali  was at a few schools in Southwest Jefferson County, presenting autographed copies of a book discussing various beliefs of the Islam movement he is affiliated with. A copy of this book has been shown to representatives at this site.


  When Mr. Ali presented the books, there was no reports of  frustration or complaints elicited by the students, faculty, or parents.

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