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Budget Is Big Topic

  This week the Louisville Metro Council will be listening to Mayor Jerry Abramson discuss the various amounts of money that will be sent to different departments. After his speech, the budget will then go to the council for review.

  Last week, the Louisville Metro Council made public the list ranking 44 different departments by the importance. With 19 of the 26 council members participating, Council President David Tandy (Dem- 4th Dist.), Jim King (Dem- 10th Dist), and Kelly Downard (Rep.- 16th Dist), met with the mayor and presented him the list. After a brief meeting with the press, the mayor stated that he would keep the list in mind as he prepared the budget for council approval.

  This budget is highly anticipated to have various cuts in it due to the poor economy, and is expected to bring much discussion amongst the financial consultants and the council members in Metro Government.

  According to Council rules, the Louisville Metro Council must discuss and pass the budget by the beginning of  July.

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