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JCPS Fails In Another Area

Jefferson County Public Schools has already had many parents complain about the placement of students, and the transportation of students throughout the county. For those issues, many parents have filed for hardship transfers, but some parents are wondering what document can be filed to complain about the issues of communication that have been occurring at JCPS.

  Recently, therealville has obtained a letter addressed to the parents of a student that claimed that they did not receive the notification of student placement until after the hardship transfers begin. “I had to call down to the school that I thought they would be admitted to in order to be informed of where they had been assigned and how to file a hardship transfer”, said the mother of two students enrolled in Jefferson County Public Schools.

  “Since filing the hardship transfer, I regularly call down to the school district office, and have even called the Superintendent’s office. They keep telling me to be patient and that I should have the information in about 15 working days. Why should I believe that when they did not get the letter to me until after the time to file for a hardship transfer?”

  When reviewing the student assignment letters, the envelope on both letters are machine stamped with the date of May 12, 2009 from the area code 40211. The letter that is contained within the envelope is dated for May 1, 2009, and is sent from the principal of the school that the district assigned them to, which in this case was Stephen Foster Traditional Academy.

  Therealville has sought for answers on why it has taken the school district eleven days to send the letter after it has been typed, and if the principal of the school would accept homework assignments twelve days after it had been assigned, no comments were given.

  The length of time has not been the only issue for these and many other parents, the distance away from the home, and the time that it would take to be on the bus, away from the home has caused various difficulties as well. When addressing this issue previously in the Courier-Journal, Mr. Sheldon Berman simply stated that parents should be patient and they may grow to appreciate the school that the school district had chosen for them. This has caused a minor cry to break out.

  “Why should the school district, who has never met my child or myself have the choice of where to bus my child? I live in this area, and I want my child in this area. There are openings for their grades at the school one mile away, and they deem it best to bus them over twenty miles? I see why the education level of children seems to be diminished,” states one father.

  When these parents have attempted to get in touch with school officials, they are continually told to be patient, and is often on hold for a good deal of time. Some have been informed that the school district is calling the various schools where the students are wishing to be transferred to, but after checking at various schools within the district, as of Thursday, few calls have come to request information regarding class openings. “We have not received any calls regarding school transfers”, stated one JCPS employee at a school in southwest Jefferson County.

  Parents have already stated that they are frustrated that the Jefferson County Public School District has determined that their children should be placed in an area a good distance from their homes, now parents are angered by the lack of proper communication and the tardiness of  the JCPS staff in determining the  status of hardship transfers.

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