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Could It Happen Here?

  Recently, in Frisco, Texas there was a “situation” that occurred where the Gideons International was allowed to enter various schools in the area and pass out New Testament pocket sized Bibles to any student that desired one, free of charge. These students were informed that they did not have to receive a Bible, but they could if they wanted one. Some did not, many did receive a Bible, and upon arriving home,  much, much more.

  Parents that stated that they believed in God would be at the forefront of the argument against receiving the literature in shcool. They stated that the school is to pay attention to the education of their child, not the spiritual development of them. They protested, attended meetings, and showed in mass amounts to various press releases their anger toward the school district.

  The school district stated that it allowed the Gideons to enter and pass out their Bibles to help reduce the evangelism that was occurring on campus, stating that it would, at times, occurr during school hours.

  Some parents, and many students that received the Biblles were appreciative of the efforts of the school to allow a group to come in and pass out this literature.

  Question is, if it happens in Frisco, Texas, can it happen here? Can students be allowed to receive Bibles on school grounds here? Would the distribution of religious literature cause a protest and massive media rush here in Louisville? What exactly are citizens allowed to do if they desire to pass out literature considered to be religious in public arenas? After discussing the matter with various individuals, then asking some questions by individuals involved in politics, a school board spokesperson, and a county attorney, we have the answer in three different arenas: Schools, Public, and Political.

  We will begin with informing you about what schools allow, and do not allow, when it comes to the issue, as well as the basic students rights in regards to religion and religious practices at school.

  Tomorrow we will inform you of the passing of literature in the public arena, and Thursday we will inform you of the law in regards to the distribution of religious literature in the political arena here in Louisville.

May 26, 2009 - Posted by | Series Issue

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