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Mayor Jerry Abramson Vetoes Labor Standards Ordinance

 Mayor Jerry Abramson has vetoed the Labor Standards Ordinance which was passed along partisan lines last Thursday.

  This veto comes in an answer to the Democrats passing the ordinance which was sponsored by Jim King (Dem.- 10th Dist),, and co-sponsored by Rick Blackwell (Dem.- 12th Dist)..

  Mayor Jerry Abramson, in a  letter announcing the veto to members of the Council stated: “I am vetoing this ordinance because it creates obstacles to job creation and economic investment at a time when our country is suffering from the longest national economic recession since the Great Depression and our community is grappling with the highest unemployment levels in more than two decades. The ordinance would put Louisville at a serious disadvantage with competitor cities in attracting private-sector jobs and economic investment.”

  The last line of the letter which he submitted today sumed up his sentiments regarding the ordinance: “As leaders, I believe now is the time to focus our energies on creating jobs, not obstacles to job creation.”

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