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Political Watch: Dr. Judy Green (Democrat- District 1)

(NOTE: Though Dr. Judith Green had an invitation to be interviewed for this brief biographical sketch, she did not reply to the request. All the information in this posting is based upon the biography on the Metro Louisville Government website, as well as various other articles about her.)


  Denise Bentley left the Louisville Metro Council to serve in state government under Governor Ernie Fletcher (Rep.), and in so doing, caused a vacancy to occur in the first district of the Louisville Metro Council. To fill that vacancy, Dr. Judith Green stepped in.

  Dr. Green was born in Henderson, Kentucky, approximately 100 miles from Louisville. She has been married for over 30 years to Mr. James P. Green, and has had an active life as his wife, a mother, and an advocate for foster and adoptive parenting.

  Mr. and Dr. Green have had thirteen children over the years; two of which are biological, and eleven that have been adopted. They have been the foster parents of numerous children.

  In the fall of 2008, Dr. Green had two children attacked at the corner of Greenwood and Cecil as they walked to school. According to a Wave3 report in September, Dr. Green sought to bring about a community center to assist with the youth in west Louisville.

  Violence and gang life have been a focus of Dr. Green’s during her tenure in council. She has consistently lobbied for various associations to receive money and volunteers to help encourage and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

  Dr. Green has served in various capacities throughout the community, and has been recognized in various capacities. She serves at St. Stephen’s Baptist Church as a Decision Counselor, and she has also been noted as one of Louisville’s 100 wise women, which she will be speaking to later this year.

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  1. Dr. Green did not step into the vacancy created by Denise Bentley’s resignation. Bentley’s seat was filled by Leonard Watkins. Several councilmembers blocked Green’s appointment for fear she would be controlled by Bentley.

    In the next election cycle, Dr. Green defeated Councilman Watkins and one other candidate in the Democratic primary and then won outright in November.

    Dr. Green has steered an independent pathfrom the other African-Americans on the Council, all of whom voted against her in favor of Mr. Watkins. She has also sided with Jim King on a number of occassions, who is known to be an ally of former Councilwoman Bentley. So it is possible Bentley still maintains some degree of control over Dr. Green.

    She is up for election in 2010 but no names have been mentioned as an opponent so far. As she won with more than 50% of the vote in the 2006 election, it is unlikely she will lose her seat.

    Comment by T A Spears | May 23, 2009 | Reply

    • Thank you for the information; and you are correct, Green did defeat Watkins during the primary. Thank you for the correction.

      Comment by therealville | May 26, 2009 | Reply

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