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Minority Caucus Condemns Actions of Metro Council in Passing

Louisville, KY Members of the Louisville Metro Council’s Minority Caucus express their extreme concern and disappointment with the actions of a majority of members of the Metro Council during their May 14, 2009 meeting. During a meeting that lasted more than seven hours, members of the Majority Caucus pushed through an anti-business Labor Standards Ordinance (O-32-03-09) that discriminates against small business owners, minority business owners, women business owners and independent groups like the Associated Builders and Contractors of this community.


“The ordinance passed last night will leave many locally owned businesses at a disadvantage when competing for work on major projects”, said Minority Caucus Chairman Kevin Kramer (District 11). “This ordinance arbitrarily defines small businesses and establishes rules that benefit organized labor over small businesses and arbitrary wages over real wages”


“This ordinance will send a cold chill down the backs of those businesses that are considering growing in Louisville or moving to our city,” said Councilman Hal Heiner. “This ordinance increases the cost of doing business in Louisville and will send a nation-wide message that Louisville is closed to growth and not interested in competing for new high-paying jobs.”


The passage of the Labor Standards represents one of the most anti-business measures passed by the Metro Council and will move to the desk of Mayor Jerry E. Abramson, where he will have the opportunity to help the ordinance’s sponsors continue their fight against many of the small, minority and women owned businesses of this community or he can Veto this ordinance and send a message that Metro government should promote new job opportunities.


Persons interested in expressing your concern with this ordinance are encouraged to contact the office of the Mayor at 574-2003 and tell him to protect jobs and stop the Labor Standards Ordinance.


Contributed through Media Advisory by Stephen Haag, Jr., Minority Caucus Director

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