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One Big Night…

Tonight is one important night for Louisville Metro Council members, and for Louisville citizens and business owners. Tonight, when the Louisville Metro Council convenes, two important ordinances are on the line. One deals with the transparency of monies spent by the government, and the other deals with the requirements that businesses must have in order to make money from government contracts. One is labeled Anonymous Tip Line and is under recommendation of various groups and individuals throughout Metro Louisville, and the other is called the Labor Standards Ordinance.

  In the Anonymous Tip Line Ordinance, the government will be forced to provide a method of communication that will allow various Metro employees and citizens the ability to anonymously report what may/may not be ethical violations and complaints. It is recommended in the report on the Ethics Program from the Louisville Metro Government Office of Internal Audit, under the direction  of  Michael S. Norman, as well as the commonwealth auditor Crit Luallen.


  The Labor Standards act is an act that was sponsored by Jim King and Rick Blackwell. This act would be of great benefit to labor groups, but the various regulations could prove costly to a small business. The ordinance stresses only the construction business, citing that the unemployment rate of the construction business is the highest in the area. The ordinance also stresses the number of minority and women owned businesses, which labor unions are more than likely to utilize and keep record of. To further stress the opinion that this ordinance was more directed toward union groups and jobs, various sources have pointed to the individuals that sponsor and co-sponsor the bill; many of them have financially contributed funds to the campaign of many of the councilmembers. Others who did not receive funding from the unions, have a record of showing a good deal of support to them.


  When the Council goes to vote on these ordinances tonight, they go in with the knowledge that both ordinances are expected to pass. The Anonymous Tip Lineis expected to get some discussion and a few dissenting votes, as is the Labor Standards Ordinance.

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