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For those of you who read the post “One Big Night …” this morning, you may notice that some editing has been done. In the post this morning the E-Transparency bill was referenced as being up for vote last night. This was caught by Mr. Tony Hyatt, the Communication Director for the Majority Caucus.

  Mr. Hyatt contacted me through email and wrote: “I need to point out that the Metro Council already passed the etranparency ordinance back in April. It was a unanimous vote.  I think the ordinance you meant to highlight is the “Anonymous Tip line”. That ordinance
is set for a vote tonight and came about as a result of the both the internal
and state auditor’s report.”

  Mr. Hyatt is correct, that is the ordinance that was being referred to, and I appreciate him pointing out the blunder that was made.

  I have imposed a strict level of integrity upon myself, as well as others who contribute to this site. I mistakenly wrote the article after reviewing reports and other information that referenced both, E-Transparency and the Anonymous Tip Line, contributing to the confusion in the written report.

  I apologize for making the mistake in the first place, and I thank Mr. Tony Hyatt for correcting my mishap, and express my appreciation to him for doing so.


Champ Claussen

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