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Community & Counsel To Council: A Public Meeting On Anti-Litter Ordinance

On May 11, Councilwoman Madonna Flood (Dem.- 24th Dist.),  announced that there will a public hearing at the next Public Safety Committee meeting on Tuesday, the 19th of May. This public hearing is so that the public can give input on the proposed Anti-Litter Ordinance that is sponsored by Councilman Brent Ackerson (Dem.- 26th Dist.).

  This public hearing comes on the heels of a letter sent from Mr. Jon L. Fleischaker, the attorney representing the Courier-Journal. Mr. Fleischaker sent a letter to Mrs. Flood and other members of the Public Safety Committee that represented the Courier-Journals views regarding the Anti-Litter Ordinance. In the letter, Mr. Fleischaker maintains that the Courier-Journal has a “Do Not Deliver” list of residents that do not wish to have advertisements dropped on their fence, driveways, yards, and other places. He also states that the ordinance would be would be against the First Amendment rights of the paper, and states that the Supreme Court has “established that the First Amendment prohibits cities from banning the distributions of handbills, leaflets, circulars, and papers in the streets as well as house to house.”

  Mr. Fleischaker, and other representatives from the Courier-Journal are expected to be involved and make statements to the committee. Any individual interested in speaking before the committee needs to needs to sign up in person one hour before the meeting at the Third Floor of Historic City Hall on 601 West Jefferson Street in Council Chambers, and each speaker will be allotted two minutes to speak.

  Brent Ackerson has asked that individuals that can not attend the committee meeting and speak to feel free to send the Metro Council an email or letter to inform the Council of their opinion on the matter.

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