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Ethics Deformed

The Comparisons

  One would think that two bills having to do with Ethics would be similar. In the case of the Ethic Ordinance proposals that have come before the Louisville Metro Council, that thought would be wrong.

  When viewing the two documents, it is clear that the similarity begins, and ends with the acknowledgement that it is an issue of ethics. The definitions are often changed, if they are included in both. The people effected by the ordinance, should it become local law, differs between the bills, and the punishment for filing false claims also differs- drastically.

  Here, in this section today, therealville provides to you the comparison that is provided online. Though this document was provided to the blog before it was online, we opted to not post it until it was available to the general public. Now, you the reader, can determine the difference between the two bills.

  This comparitive chart was put together by ChrisLewis, and is available online. After viewing this chart, we will further discuss, and provide various quotes from the two proposals, for comparitive analysis tomorrow.

Following is the link for the comparison chart between the two proposed ordinances.

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