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Dan Discusses Debris

Councilman Dan Johnson (Dem.- 21st Dist), held a conference at 10:45 this morning to discuss the debris- specifically the lack of progress that the city has made in collecting it.

  The debris is from an ice storm that occurred last January. Mayor Jerry Abramson had initially stated that the debris would be collected in time for the Kentucky Derby, but last weekend there was much debris in many parts of the Metro. Dan Johnson has received various complaints and now would like to see progress made.

  One of the major frustrations that has been voiced by many citizens is the fact that debris was collected from the area around Churchhill Downs to ensure the appearance of cleanliness by the mayor, but not all parts of Metro has been cleaned. Mr. Johnson addressed this issue at the corner of 6th Street and Ashland Avenue today.

  On April 17, the city administration stated that the debris was 55% complete. Almost a month later, various residents throughout Metro Louisville has yet to have the tree limbs, branches, and stubble hauled off. They were asked to bring the parts of the trees that had been damaged by the storm to the curb, where the city would pick them up.

  Today, Mr. Johnson has joined various others in the city and blamed Mayor Jerry Abramson and his administration for the lackadaisical performance in picking up the trash. There has yet to be any guarantees from the administration on a date when the debris will be picked up for certain.

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