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Democrats Team with Dream Team

  Five Louisville Metro Council Democrats have teamed with a group known as Dream Team. This group supports the Southwest Jefferson area, often meeting at various locations in the area. Currently this group is attempting to gain recognition in the area in effort to bring more business to Southwest Jefferson County. With the joining of five Metro Council Democrats, the group will be looking for individuals to sign a petition that will be taken to the Annual Shopping Center Convention in Las Vegas.

  Rick Blackwell (12th Dist), Mary Woolridge (3rd ), Vicki Aubrey Welch (13th ), Bob Henderson (14th) and Judith Green (1st), are looking to help Dream Team gain 12,000 signatures of individuals that shop along Dixie Highway. To do so, according to Councilman Blackwell, would “signal to national retailers and local officials that Southwest Louisville is economically sound and anxiously awaiting more quality businesses”.

  Mr. Blackwell’s district has grown in the past few years to include various businesses. Mr. Henderson, whose district neighbors Blackwell’s to the southwest, is in support of the petition, though his district has struggled economically. Mr. Henderson points to the new businesses that have been introduced to the corner of Dixie Highway by the Watterson Expressway as evidence of the potential for growth in the area.

  The two groups have arranged for businesses to become involved as well. Many businesses will reportedly be asking customers to sign the petition. Three council members, Rick Blackwell, Vicki Aubrey Welch, and Dan Johnson (Dem.-12th dist.), were at a booth seeking signatures and explaining their efforts.

  The goal is to gain 12,000 signatures by Wednesday, May 7th in order to present to local officials previous to the convention, which will begin May 23rd.


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