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Litter Ordinance Proposal Needed, Though Contested

    The Litter Ordinance proposal, primarily sponsored by Brent Ackerson, (D), and co-sponsored by many council members is defended by the councilwoman who will chair the committee in charge with overseeing the progression of the ordinance. This proposal, though it does not specifically target the Courier-Journal advertisements that are distributed on a weekly basis to non-subscribers, will directly affect that business and those who deliver the ads. Councilwoman Madonna Flood (D), who is also a co-sponsor of the bill, states that the delivering of the advertisements “is an issue that in (sic) Metro wide with complaints coming from Home Owners as well as Home Owner/Neighborhood Association’s (sic).” Mrs. Flood further notes “There is also a problem with these bags of ads causing problems in Beargrass Creek.”

    In a recent discussion with a manager of the Courier-Journal, it is the homeowners, not the newspaper that should accept the responsibility for maintaining the property and neighborhoods. Though the manager states that the Courier-Journal does have the responsibility to ensure that the advertisements are delivered in the appropriate place, it is the homeowners that need to ensure that they are picked up from the property. “How can the government inform a business that they are responsible for the cleanliness of someone’s personal property?” he asked.

  The proposal affects more than the newspaper company and advertisements, another Metro employee has pointed out. The proposal will undoubtedly affect various organizations such as churches that distributes flyers, neighborhood associations delivering announcements, and even political campaigns delivering pamphlets and leaflets. Though many of these details are expected to be worked out in committee, there are various difficulties that could arise, though the majority of those issues are expected to arise outside of the walls of City Hall.

  Special attention is being paid to ensure that the Metro Council is accurately working within the frame that the law allows, without trampling on the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and press. Though all that have been questioned acknowledges these rights as important, the issue of cleanliness has been brought up on numerous occasions.

  The bags that have been picked up are usually done so by private property owners, but when they do clog drainage lines, then the Metro Sewer Department is responsible for cleaning up the papers and bags. To date, there is not ample data to inform the public of how much time is wasted, or how much it cost to clean up the bags.

April 28, 2009 - Posted by | Proposed Ordinances

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