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Council Sends Messages To Mayor Jerry Abramson

Council Sends Messages To Mayor Jerry Abramson


  At 5:15 p.m., on April 23, 2009 the Louisville Metro Council joined together for their Committee of the Whole, a 15-30 minute “dress rehearsal” in which the council discusses the affairs and any business/proposals that are to be brought up later that night in the Metro Council Meeting. It was then, at the Committee of the Whole that many members of the council, from both parties, expressed concern, and at times, anger with the Mayor’s office about the forgiveness of about $7,000,000 in debt accrued by Phoenix Place Apartments, especially when the entity was informed of the forgiveness and documents stating that the debt was forgiven had already been signed and delivered before the council had been adequately informed.

  The council was given two to three weeks to review the case, and this was without the adequate information. According to a some in the council, they had not received any information regarding the appraisal value, which was to be conducted by an independent appraiser. The explanation was simply because it was not ready at the time. A financial impact statement also was not provided by the Mayor’s office, even after members of the council had requested that statement.

  In Council, Kelly Downard and Hal Heiner, (both Republicans), joined with Tina Ward-Pugh (Democrat), to introduce an amendment that strengthened the bond ordinance. Though some members of the council did not vote for the amendment, the majority did, and the amendment passed.

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