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Killing 80+ Years of Muscle


  The Wall Street Journal reported this last weekend that this is the week that over eighty years of legacy and muscle will end for General Motors. As part of the restructuring desired by President Barak Obama’s stimulus package requiring cutbacks and downsizing, General Motors will cease to be in charge of Pontiac vehicles.

  Pontiac has been known to be the start of some great executives that produced some fancy cars, such as John Delorean. Beyond producing some great executives, Pontiac has also been known for producing a great range of vehicles from sporty to family, sports utility to some “just right for me”. Pontiac’s line of vehicles under General Motors oversight includes well known names such as: the GTO, Firebird, Fiero, Sunbird, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Trans-Am, Vibe, and a list of others.

  In it’s “heyday” Pontiac was well known for the GTO, with it’s “muscle-car” appearance, that was very popular amongst car collectors, and is still sought after in some circles. From there, the Pontiac Trans-Am was much desired and was often the love of many men and featured in various popular movies and television shows.

  Due to the lack of sales for the Pontiac, and the need to downsize to meet the requirements laid before them, General Motors has determined that the Pontiac line will have to go.

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