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Ackerson’s Aide Acquired…

On the 21st, the “Ville Voice” reported that Jon Ackerson’s aide, Sherlon Worthington, had resigned and left behind an eight page letter in her place,( Aide Resigns Angry from Ackerson’s Office ). This reports stated that Ackerson’s wife, Kay, had been in the middle of the affairs of the councilman’s office, creating an environment that made it difficult for Ms. Worthington.
There were issues within the article that could be contested. For instance, The Voice never clarified to what extent Mrs. Ackerson became in the affairs of the Metro office. Through email it has been noted that Mrs. Ackerson does not work out of the Metro office, nor is she paid by the Metro government. She does, however, work for her husband’s law office, and the only purpose for her to receive the emails from the office was to keep Mr. Ackerson informed of government business while he was working at the law office.
Since Ms. Worthington’s resignation, Mr. Ackerson has acquired a new legislative aide.
Ms. Sondra Wells, a graduate of Pleasure Ridge Park High School, and the University of Louisville, was previously employed by the Finance Department in Frankfort. She was recommended by Mr. Ackerson’s former state senate legislative assistant.

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