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Hawkins Announces Welch’s Resolution Withdrawal

  After various citizens had written articles to the newspaper, and various other politicians had expressed their concern and disdain for the resolution requiring cold and flu medicines to obtain a prescription prior to purchase, Vicki Aubrey Welch has pulled her resolution.

  An email alert from Doug Hawkins stated that “Citizens, doctors, and experts in the field spoke against this resolution and questioned its real effectiveness.  A vast number of constituents made hundreds of phone calls to council offices and voiced their opposition to the Welch resolution.”

  Despite the calls and voices of opposition various council members who represent districts with a lower income rate than others supported the resolution. One supporter, Bob Henderson, of District 14 which neighbors Welch’s was stated to be a possible co-sponsor for the resolution should it continue.

  According to Hawkins’ email alert, Welch has stated an interest in bringing the resolution up again in the future. According to the District 13 site at, Welch has seemingly blamed a lack of education on the failure of support for her resolution.

  A press release from the office of Tony Hyatt states in full:

While she still believes it is an important way to fight the rise of Meth labs in Louisville Metro Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13) has withdrawn her sponsorship of a resolution that would ask lawmakers in Frankfort to make pseudoephedrine a prescription drug.

Her reason; action by lawmakers in Frankfort is not moving forward.

“After learning HB497, the bill to move Pseudoephedrine to a Schedule III drug, has reached a dead end lacking the support to move it any further during this session, I regret to inform you I decided to withdraw the sponsorship of my Resolution,” Welch told the Metro Council on Thursday.

Welch first filed the resolution after a second Meth lab explosion in January in her district which took the life of a young woman and left two children motherless. From then on, she has worked with Louisville Metro Police and additional Public Safety officials and neighborhood groups to move the resolution forward.

“Now let me be clear, I have not nor will I stand idly by and watch this happen to my community I am going to continue to fight the good fight and encourage all of you to join me. However, part of being a effective leader is knowing when to stop and re-evaluate,” said Welch.

The Councilwoman Cited the dramatic increase in Meth labs in Kentucky, a 63% increase in 2009, as one of many reasons why she will keep fighting for the law. She also cited the need for better public awareness of what the law would do and how it would impact the average person who needs cold medications.

“Unfortunately, until we can do a better job educating people and providing accurate, factual information to assist them in making informed decisions as opposed to allowing multi-billion dollar special interest groups to influence their opinions we will continue to see an increase not only in the number of Meth Labs but in the number of children displaced and ultimately the number of deaths,” said Welch.

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Off to the RACES…(forget the horses)

The race for mayor has certainly been the center of attention here in Louisville, and it has gotten off with a *BANG* this week.

  The Courier Journal did a fair of reporting the debate between the Republican mayoral candidates, and that is why we link it up right here:

  Besides that, the races have continued looking forward into the weekend with Hal Heiner’s campaign looking to go to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade that is expected to last from 2:30-4:30 p.m. on Saturday. The parade is expected to start at the intersection of Baxter and Broadway and continue to the Mid City Mall.

  Earlier this week the Hal for Mayor campaign brought forth Heiner’s  10 Point Plan for Accountability and Transparancy in Government:

  Heiner’s 10 Point Plan includes the following:
1.    Comprehensive Audit of All Metro Departments
2.    Metro Council Oversight on Expenditures
3.    Posting Louisville’s “Legal Books” Online
4.    Performance Metrics and Measurements in Government
5.    Post a Debt Calendar and Schedule Online
6.    Compile List of Non-essential Properties – Then Sell Them
7.    Issue RFPs for Development Deals
8.    When’s My Street Getting Paved?
9.    Who’s Driving that Metro Vehicle?
10.  Publish Financial Data for Quasi-Governmental Agencies

  David Tandy has also made some releases regarding his campaign for mayor. Here is a text release for his plans for education, should he be elected:


David Tandy, Louisville Metro Mayoral Candidate, released his plan to provide the necessary tools for every child in Louisville to learn in a safe and supportive environment.  Tandy met with voters at an education forum at Newburg Community Center this evening.

“I envision a Louisville where the community works together to ensure that primary school students learn basic skills, and all high school students graduate prepared to successfully enter the workforce or college,” said Tandy.  “I am committed to ensure that every Louisville family has the supports they need – whether social, economic, or medical – to be successful.”

Tandy’s plan will ensure that primary school students learn basic skills, and all high school students graduate prepared to successfully enter the workforce or college, part of David’s vision includes:

·      Making libraries, computers, and gyms available to the public after school so that our education resources are available to the entire community, and to keep children occupied between 3 and 6 p.m., when they often are unsupervised.  ·      Recruiting parents and volunteers to support our students with additional academic help and through programs such as Security Dads (where fathers patrol hallways, offer tutoring help, and attend after-school events).

  • Promoting events like “Light’s On After School” or “School’s In” night to encourage parents to meet their children at school to help with homework, visit with on-site tutors, and meet with teachers and staff.
  • Helping to secure funding for full time nurses throughout JCPS to promote and support healthy students and to lower the overall absenteeism rate.
  • Expanding after-school, weekend, and summer programs through school-based community centers or other non-profit entities such as faith-based community development centers, providing positive activities that encourage educational achievement and prevent delinquency.”

  And for those of you who do not believe that the union primarily focuses it’s attention on Democrat candidates, the first union to prove you wrong has sided with David Tandy; endorsing him for mayor.

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Glen Stuckel Appointed to VIPS Board of Directors

This came in today from the minority caucus of the Louisville Metro Council:

Councilman Glen Stuckel (District 17) was recently appointed to serve on the board of directors for Visually Impaired Pre-School Services (VIPS) for a term of four years. VIPS is celebrating its 25th anniversary of providing early education and intervention services to thousands of blind and visually impaired children throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Glen Stuckel- “I am honored to serve on the board of such a wonderful organization which has helped make an

impact in the lives of so many local children and their families. I look forward to being an outspoken advocate for VIPS

and working to ensure that these children are provided with every tool necessary for success.”

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Median Work Shut Down Snyder Lane

Doug Hawkins has released information stating that there will be some work to repair the various posts in the median that have been knocked down. These posts were put up approximately one year ago, and now many of them have been knocked down.

  The release reads as follows:

The Department of Highways District 5 Office announces the temporary closure of the left lane on westbound KY 841 (Gene Snyder Freeway) in Jefferson County between mile points 0 and 3.  The lane closure is scheduled for Tuesday, February 23rd from 6:30 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. and will allow for median cable barrier repairs.

The actual starting date and duration of this work may be adjusted if inclement weather or other unforeseen delays occur.  Dial 511 or log on to for the latest in traffic and travel information in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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2010 Local Black History Nominees Announced

Tony Hyatt, Communications Director for the Majority Caucus of the Louisville Metro Council has sent out the list for the Local Black History Nominees for this year. They are as follows:

Special Honorees


Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky          Tyandriau Irving

African Americans in the Media

 (With emphasis on anchors & reporters)


Renee Murphy, Adrianna Hopkins, Sherlene Shanklin


Dawne Gee & Shayla Reaves


Carissa Lawson, Ann Bowdan, Natasha Collins, Monica Hardin & Eric King


Stephan Johnson & Bill Alexander

District 1 – Norman Martin


District 2 – Earscine Mayberry

District 3 – Eula Frazier

District 4 – Dr. Daniel Withers


District 5 – Rudolph “Rudy” Davidson


District 6 – Walter Hutchins


District 7 – Erwin Roberts


District 8 – Dwayne Adams

District 9 – Gabriel Fritz


District 10 –Mattie Jones


District 12 – Dawne Gee


District 13 – Thornton Family


District 14 – Renee Loveless


District 15 – Tiffany N. Tatum


District 17 – Thomas Cork Sr.


District 18 – Beverly Truitt


District 19 – Dr. T. Vaughn Walker


District 20 – Jennifer Colley

District 21 – Sgt. Robert Brown


District 22 – Thomas Overall


District 24 – Ronnie R. Bowman


District 25 – William “Bill” Wilson


District 26 — Chuck Martin

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Ethics Bill- maybe this week?

According to an update on the 10th, we may finally be seeing an ethics bill pass through the council this week.  (Don’t hold your breath, it has been WELL over a year and Democrats have fought the strength of the last bill tooth and nail)…

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Should Pitino be packing?

  That seems to be the question on a growing number of Cardinal fans as many wrestle with what is arguably one of the most dissappointing schedules in recent history for the men’s basketball team. Fans that are faithful to Rick Pitino cite his incredible record at the University of Kentucky; yet others are not as easily convinced.

  Earlier this year Tom Jurich sent Steve Kragthorpe back to Oklahoma  after dismal records at the University of Louisville, but some fans are stating that Pitino’s record is not as impressive as they would like. Many individuals see his recent issues with Karen Sypher affecting the team and discipline, and some are tired of not being able to get into the final game. Further frustrating fans at this point is the fact that Louisville may not make it into the tournament at all this year.

  Accusations of Pitino’s inability to coach and his statements of integrity and lifestyle getting in the way of reality are beginning to emerge from segments of  the population that once supported him continually. With the rise in rage against Pitino emerging, as well as the history of how Tom Jurich has supported his friends, as well as the inability for the Louisville Cardinals to be a consistent team, one has to question: Should Pitino be packing?

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Tina Ward-Pugh To Show How to Stay Warm and Keep $

Councilwoman Ward-Pugh and Project Warm host Energy Management Workshop

Event on February 8th to help save money on energy bills


Louisville – January has already given Metro Louisville some of its coldest days of the year. Many homeowners may also be realizing just how drafty their home is when it comes to staying warm. What they may not realize is how much money they are losing as a result. 

            “This is an area where Project Warm will be able to help them out,” says Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9). “If they can spare about two hours, we might be able to show them how to save some money.”

            Ward-Pugh is hosting an Energy Management Workshop on Monday, February 8th at the United Crescent Hill Ministries, 150 South State Street. The event gets underway at 5:30pm with a Meet and Greet with refreshments provided by Ward-Pugh. Then the workshop runs from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.

            “Project Warm does a wonderful job of teaching folks how they can save money and energy by installing plastic over their drafty windows,” says Ward-Pugh. “They will also hand out free supplies to the job.”

            While the program is FREE, registration is required. If you would like to register for the Energy Management Workshop, call Councilwoman Ward-Pugh’s office at 574-1109.

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Blackwell’s Coffee…

Yesterday Welch was announced to begin following in the shoes of Rick Blackwell, (Democrat-12th District). Now, Blackwell is back announcing his coffee with the councilman:


Metro Councilman Rick Blackwell (D-12) will kick off another year of “Coffee with your Councilman” on Saturday, February 6th beginning at 10:00am.

            “Last year, we had very good response with our Saturday morning conversations,” says Blackwell. “I want to invite anyone who may not have the time during the week to come and  talk about issues or your concerns over a cup of coffee.”

            The February “Coffee with your Councilman” will once again this year be held at Sister Beans, 4956 Manslick Road.

            “If you just want to come out and say hi, that is okay as well,” says Blackwell. “I just want to make sure that I and my office are available to the people of District 12.”

            For more information about the District 12 “Coffee with your Councilman”, contact Councilman Blackwell’s Office at 574-1112.”

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Stumbo to Support David Yates?

In a brief media advisory, David Yates provides the assumption that Greg Stumbo, (current Kentucky House Speaker), will be supporting Mr. Yates at a fundraiser.

  The advisory states that the information is attached in a link, yet the link was to his website, which gave no updates. Further, when attempted to email via his own website, the site stated that the page could not be found.

  If we obtain more information, but at this time, Yates has been AWOL in regards to requests and current information…

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